You & I – still a harmony…!


In my silence, you come as a thought

Memories flow in right on dot

Breezing in through my varied day

Your face in my mind makes its way

Sometimes in my hustle bustle

I get reminded of our fun-filled tussle

Even though many miles away

Your thoughts never cease to fray

Right into my very day

They come in with something to convey 

Sometimes through my otherwise cheer

You walk by as a giggle dear

Sometimes without a warning trace

A tear drops by leaving me in daze

Even when I am asleep

You wake me up sometimes as I weep

Such vivid dreams which shake me bad

For hours then I stay so sad

Without a thought I call your name

Wonder why it still makes me feel same

No reason why you still come to mind

Nothing more left for me to find

Even though you’re not in sight

Thinking of you gives me delight

Confused I am, but let it be

Even when you’re not there to see

I feel you very much around

Memories come and how they hound

I am left reveling in this symphony

You and I, still a harmony… 

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