The soothing breeze The glistening sun The birds so free The dogs that run The smiles I see On passers-by  Fills me with glee I take a sigh... Beauty abound Much to enjoy I look around Did I hear “ahoy”! Sailing towards A lovely boat Claps and cheers As they afloat I smile at them... Continue Reading →

Blissful Nature…!

  I feel a bliss as I rest here Chirping birds within my sphere Giggles around of happy kids Warm sunshine upon us slid Warming my heart all along As I sit here murmuring a song Looking around fills me with bliss As the lovely breeze plants me a kiss The trees dance rejoicing too... Continue Reading →

When Silence speaks…

  As I sit here watching the world move, I feel a strange peace In my loneliness I find the missing, lost piece As I sip through this cuppa inhaling the aroma gradually I take in the knowledge flowing to me through divinity "Love is the essence of life so feel it in all its... Continue Reading →

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