We all must have felt it for sure The numerous signs being sent our way Atleast for once they must’ve lured Did you try to know what they want to say? Sending signs to us to hear Only if we’ll slow down to note The universe is out there to share Only if we paused... Continue Reading →


The soothing breeze The glistening sun The birds so free The dogs that run The smiles I see On passers-by  Fills me with glee I take a sigh... Beauty abound Much to enjoy I look around Did I hear “ahoy”! Sailing towards A lovely boat Claps and cheers As they afloat I smile at them... Continue Reading →

Blissful Nature…!

  I feel a bliss as I rest here Chirping birds within my sphere Giggles around of happy kids Warm sunshine upon us slid Warming my heart all along As I sit here murmuring a song Looking around fills me with bliss As the lovely breeze plants me a kiss The trees dance rejoicing too... Continue Reading →

When Silence speaks…

  As I sit here watching the world move, I feel a strange peace In my loneliness I find the missing, lost piece As I sip through this cuppa inhaling the aroma gradually I take in the knowledge flowing to me through divinity "Love is the essence of life so feel it in all its... Continue Reading →

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