We all must have felt it for sure

The numerous signs being sent our way

Atleast for once they must’ve lured

Did you try to know what they want to say?

Sending signs to us to hear

Only if we’ll slow down to note

The universe is out there to share

Only if we paused and wrote

Isn’t it magical to feel?

That we’re not alone in this

What’s the reason to conceal

If these signs give us some bliss

From the breeze that soothe 

Or the bird that chirp

Or the magical words 

That mysteriously come up!

The universe shows 

in different ways

That if we ask – 

Reply gets displayed

And if it replies,

It listens too

So think before –

You relay through

Let your message be 

positive and bright

The world needs to have

More right, more light

So, send out your love for all out there

For one who probably waits to hear

Will get a message of your love and care

Maybe you’ll be the answer to their relentless prayer! 

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