When Silence speaks…



As I sit here watching the world move, I feel a strange peace

In my loneliness I find the missing, lost piece

As I sip through this cuppa inhaling the aroma gradually

I take in the knowledge flowing to me through divinity

“Love is the essence of life so feel it in all its power

Give it as much as you can, don’t shy away from its shower

To humans, to animals, to nature around you

Show love, show empathy, show kindness – oh please do

This is a simple way, to justify your existence

Be a person with true care, no place for any pretence

There is no need to look for that big purpose in life

You’ll be pretty good, if you bring about even one smile”

As I sit here engrossing the meaning of these words

The bright sunshine seemed to be making my vision blurred

“Compassion, love, humanity and kindness”

These words echo as HIS own guidance

I try and listen hard for it seemed there was more

Indeed there was as the voice grew clearer than before

“Prayers hold no meaning, if others you hurt

You do the greatest, if you pick someone up from the dirt

Lend a helping hand, give your shoulder, lend a hearing ear

All these acts of simple kindness will bring you to me near”

As I smile and inhale the fragrance of this purity

I feel myself shudder at the magic in this clarity

I wait for the wisdom to fill me in again

I earnestly look around for more of this loving rain

Words there were none but as a soft breeze blew 

The branch near touched my arm and a urge to cry grew

As a soft tear rolled by the wind caressed my face

The sunshine, yet again, brightly offered an embrace

As I looked up, the birds formed an enthralling pattern

Of eyes and lips, passing a smile as soft as satin

Reverberating through each word, living each feeling 

I slowly get up to walk, even as head seemed to be reeling

But the loving message received, through this silence magically

Will remain as a teaching with me till eternity! 


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