Testing Times…


Feeling so helpless and low

Controlling, but tears constantly show

Breathing is tough and heart is paining

Looking for sunshine amidst this raining

Nowhere to look for the heartwarming solace

How to calm down, how to slow down the pace

Mind is boggled, and heart is pounding

With various thoughts my vision is shrouding

Each step seems like a walk in the dark

In an ocean alone amidst the sharks

There is no way out, only destitution

Faith and patience seem the only solution

Looking around frantically for hope

Trying to hold tight to the slipping rope

Panting my way up this steep climb

Holding on in this testing time

Getting past the challenges as they come

Searching for that silver lining post this glum

Trying to be strong and trying to smile

Walking along on this endless tough mile

Waiting for this test to end

Awaiting the rainbow along the bend

For flowers to bloom, an end to this gloom

Before all my energy gets consumed

For showers of blessings to come my way

And wash all the pain away

For smiles to linger and not get faded

For harmony to remain and not get invaded

Catching up on my breath and holding tight

Have no more strength for another fight!


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