Enough Love…

I want to silence your thoughts in my mind

My relation with you is one of its kind

I want to hate and yet there is love

Your thoughts I just can’t seem to shove

There is so much pain with you around

Yet my heart elates when you’re found

Towards you my steps get bound

Yet I want to elope far from your ground

Why all paths lead me towards your way

When all I want to do is run far away

Where there will be no sign of you

Only me and my broken pieces to sew

Strange is this fate, its beyond my grasp

My connection with you I want to unclasp

But when I try to do just that

Destiny brings me to another combat

Don’t know how many debts to pay off

I wonder what I ever did so rough

That with so much bygone there is still more left

With each passing moment I feel more bereft

Please tell me that now it’s enough

Our journey together has been only rough

So please let me know that you’ll soon leave me

From these clutches I can atlast be free

Too much of loss, only some to gain

More than anything this piercing pain

I can’t handle it even one bit more

Oh please let me drift to another shore 

Tears stain my face yet I try to smile

Hurt and alone I am here on this mile

Yes it will hurt, yes, I will cry

But nothing in me wants to give it another try 

Tried enough but not any longer

No matter what, I can’t satiate your hunger

For I can never be what you want in life

So I have finally given up after all this strife 

Let’s say goodbye, let’s bid adieu

Never to meet or to keep any clue

Of whereabouts, or how we’re doing- 

Without our togetherness any longer brewing 

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