Only Love is Real…




Only love is real, it is what makes our heart beats

It is what fuels us, never put it on backseat

Love deserves its special place in everybody’s life

For it sets heart on fire, yes, it makes us feel alive

Let it flow through you, let it warm your heart

Just give in to the amazing feeling, let love  play its art

Not only for humans, love does it magic on all

For nature, pets, you name it – love might for anything befall

It consumes us totally, makes us nearly blind

But magically sometimes, a new us also we find

Make love help you grow, see the broader side of it

With love for those around, you can make everyone fit

Love is what’s needed in this world of today

Where hatred for each other, leaves no place for another ray

Let love rule our hearts, let love remove the jealousy

Let there be only compassion, with no place for treachery

Imagine what a world, it would be to live in

Where there’ll be no hatred, only bonhomie and grins

Towards that world, let love lead us to

Let love be our guide in whatever we do

Only love is real, yes truly it is

For it reaches where it should without any miss

Crossing oceans or lands, or even many lifetimes

It continues to spread warmth, until we hear its chimes! 


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