Keep Going with Faith!


Have faith my dear these times will pass

This test will further us enhance

Have faith my dear HE will not forsake us

Just keep the trust among this ongoing fuss

This tide is high and we might drown 

If we don’t keep this faith and our strength abound

Testing times are these and in every way

But just keep going for there will be day

I know this is a turbulent flight

We got to hold on very tight

A little mistake might cost us dear

We might lose all, this is the fear

The darkest hour is one before dawn

Our deepest courage we need to tap upon

Just got to hold on and do our best

Upon HIS will, we should leave the rest

Sure I am that those who are righteous

Always see at the end brightness

So just keep yourself strong and your heart pious

Victory will appear which is currently sightless

Hand in hand, together we shall

Overcome challenges with high morale

Praying along for HIS blessings

We’ll wade across second by second

So keep up the faith, and keep your calm

We’ll walk this mile arm in arm

Don’t lose your smile and just remember

We have it in us to hold this ember!

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