I wonder sometimes how people bahave

To get this understanding my mind craves

Good you do and instead they cheat

Use you to limits and badly they treat

Do they think you can’t understand

Can’t see through the strategies that they’ve planned

Consider you to be fools and themselves smart 

Oh please! We can read through your craft

Why is it that those who are “friends”

Hurt you the most and reach no end

To show you down and make fun of you

Even when the best for them you do

To show care and love in today’s world

Is to have your emotions ruthlessly hurled

For those who show fuss and tantrums

Are celebrated with praises and anthems! 

Hard it is to accept this fact

That you need to learn to handle this tact

To survive in today’s ruthless world

Else you’ll continue to be mercilessly hurled

Keeping one’s sanity in this crazy time

No, I am not saying this just to whine

A heartfelt cry it is of many, not one

In breaking hearts there is no fun! 

But don’t want to lose what I have within

In behaving like them, I will not win

No I will not let you change my soul

Though my shattered heart will never be the same whole

I will distance and stay away

Will not let you lead me again astray

But forever you will lose a true friend

There’ll never be US – ever again! 

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