Cheers to Friendship!

If you have a friend who truly cares – then life becomes a bliss

Someone who watches over you – is there for you without a miss

Someone with whom you can talk – without any filters

Say how you feel, be who you are – without any twisters

If you have this friend with you – do all to keep him close

Show no ego, have no doubt – that you can live without his honest dose

There will be many who will say things – how you would want to hear

Then all you’ll want is this honest pal – somewhere very near

For eventhough you might believe – that the words could’ve been milder

But in your heart you know for sure – they were only to make you wiser

So let me repeat at the heavy cost – of boring repetition 

To keep your honest friend with you – should be your ultimate mission

For life is a melody when you have a true friend around

So cheers to this loving relation of friendship abound

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