Why do I not…!


Why is it so tough to accept and see?

The reality, which has become of me…

Why does this heart still want that string?

On which I want to dance & sing…

Why is it so tough to carry on?

With what is there around, upon…

Why do I always keep looking back?

With teary eyes the bygone track…

Why do I not find it fully right?

What lies ahead of me, in sight…

Why do I keep asking the same questions?

Not asking, yet – seeking suggestions…

Why do I not feel eager for tomorrow? 

How to remove these, clouds of sorrow…

Why do I feel this strange fright?

Of what lies ahead, and what might…

Why do I see this looming gloom?

Where is the light, how to resume…

Why do I cry, even though I smile?

With every step, I want to rest a while…

Why do I not, finally let go?

And allow myself to flow with the flow… 

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