Unspoken words…

unspoken love

Neither are you mine nor ever will be

Still heart calls out for you and eyes want to see

Your face, and I just want to hear once again

Your soothing voice my dear without any strain!

I miss our endless conversations from morning till night

Our sharing with each other all talks however slight

Our saying everything though words we use didn’t

Our waiting for each other to understand the hints!

Feeling proximity, from a distance quite a lot

Feeling one with you, though close you were not

Waiting for your messages with childlike impatience

Smiling all along while reading them with just no pretence!

Dreams were seen though hardly ever shared

Longings were there to meet and express

Those around, also knew what we had in mind

But it was unspoken between us, something left to find.

Your letters and mails and messages were craved

Your words still, are deep in heart saved

Words that we used for each other while we spoke

Are all still held dearly, however hearts broke

When before we could meet we were made to part ways

The story which hardly began now shattered lay

There are words unsaid and questions unanswered

Wish we can meet someday and confirm what we read.

Why didn’t you speak aloud, why didn’t you hold my hand?  

Why didn’t you hold me tight when I dared to tread a new land?

Why did you let me go so easily and without any fight?

How could you accept the fact that I won’t be in sight?

I know there weren’t any promises and I’m not holding you wrong

We never told each other that our melody was a love song

But we both know that it was much more than we shared

Like none will ever, about me you cared.

What pains me is why now we can’t be in touch?

Why even our sacred friendship is looked upon with distrust?

Don’t you ever miss me, or again just choose to hide?

Heart pains, when I think of the rough tide

Which took me away from you and you did nothing to stop me

Oh why you didn’t show courage and tried to make me see

True feelings which you had or the future which could be

I miss you so much and – my Friend – you will fondly always be!






2 thoughts on “Unspoken words…

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  1. Hi Sonal, this is truely amazing! Well done.
    Only a person who has walked the path can resonate with it 🙂
    Keep rocking!


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