Still Waiting For You…



As I am here alone, in this very strange land

I can’t stop wondering, how you let go of my hand

As I walk through these solitary roads, I can’t stop to think

How completely and entirely, my life changed in a blink

Before I could realize, you were gone too far

Before I could call out, I was put behind the bar

Before I could tell you, my words were silenced

Before I could cry out, my sobs were quietened 

I miss you everyday, I cry for you even today

Too hurt, too broken, yet I wait for you to return my way

You will never forsake, you used to say to me

And now you choose to stay away, tell me – do you feel free? 

Where is that love, where is that care?

Where is that worry that you had, about my how and where?

The world seem to mock, at the very love you said will do us proud

At your intentions, every mystery right now shrouds

Come on and show some strength, I can’t seem to hold on any longer

Step forward and hold my hand, before its too late for the bother

Shred the pretense, shun the act and do what is needed

To prove your love for which you had, once very fondly pleaded

Come back and claim, which is even now only yours

Come back and sing along the melody for my cures

With every living breath, I will await your return

With the desire to reunite, every second I’ll burn! 

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