It Will Be OKAY…!



I don’t know how to act, I don’t know what to say

The strength I had is falling low, darkness shrouds my day

Heart is at constant war with mind, and nothing seems right 

Have to do what I don’t want to do, how to set this amiss right

I ask myself a thousand times, where & what went wrong

No answer – I get to hear, only a deafening silence throngs

I look up to HIM, to ask him the same, and HE mystically smiles

Will everything be alright soon? To hear, I pause a while


HE replies…


“Have faith and just do your bit, with a clear heart & intention

As far as you don’t hurt anyone, help as much, and don’t cause tension

I’ll lead you to where you should be, grant the happiness that you seek 

So carry on, just do what is right, and don’t let yourself fall weak

There won’t always be smooth sailing, there will be thorns that’ll prick

There will be days when you’ll doubt ME, your faith in ME will flick

Those will be testing times my child, when you should hold really strong

Each difficulty is an opportunity, in adversity – don’t go wrong

‘Coz these troubled waters will make you reach, where you wanna be

After the stress I promise you, you’ll revel in serenity”


HIS words fill me with renewed strength, I feel energised 

I tread on with strong foothold, to do as been advised 

Will work tirelessly till I achieve, what I’ve been given to do

Smiling through these tests, to turn a page anew! 



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