Lurking Snakes….!


Beware of all those lurking snakes
Waiting to strike and bite
Callously and with not much thought
They will come and strike!
They pretend as if they really care
They laugh and say flowery stuff
Behind your backs all they want
Is to hurt you and get rough
They don’t bother who they hurt
How much pain they cause
I wonder do they even have a heart
Do they ever think or pause
How much ever good you do
Whatever you do to help
These creeps will cause the pain they want
They will leave you alone to yelp
Only thing which gives some peace
Which stops me from saying more
Is the faith that they will see their fate
They will pay for each heart they tore
Divine vengeance is what comes in
When such types think they’ve won
And when HE strikes – believe me
To help them there will be none!

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