The Final Meeting…!

That last time when we spoke at length – just me and you

Throats were choked, eyes were wet, spoken words were few

Hearts heavy with the tough call that we had decided to make

Yes, we needed to part ways, for everyone’s sake

Clasping hands as tight as we could for that one last time

Tears flowing seamlessly, the whole thing seemed a crime

None wanted to be the first to end the final meeting

I am sure if there was a passerby, he could hear our hearts beating

“How will I live my life now”, the question wanted to be out

But for the sake of the other, we both decided not to shout
No more real smiles, no more real joy

Duties and responsibilities – what will be left to enjoy

Don’t know how you fared, I became a no one truly

Just waiting to be the same me, which only you knew really

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