Hope – a tiny whisper..!

Today, when I felt hopeless, tired and all low

Battered by life’s challenges, tests and tiring blows

Wanted to give up, just accept my defeat

Wanted to lie low, stop and silently retreat

As I thought to do that, a tiny whisper I heard

Wait, there’s HOPE, why not try, why give up! 

Each step that you take, I’ll walk with you along

I know you feel terrified, but I’m there, holding you strong

You may feel you’re all alone, but I’m there holding your hand

You may feel weak, but I’m giving you strength to stand

I know you feel no one listens, you feel abondoned and bereft

But you must believe that by me, you’ll never be left 

Don’t fear the challenges, for they bring lessons great

Don’t fear the darkness, for light it surely generates

Keep going, don’t stop, move ahead – a step at a time

Eventually my dear, you’ll be at the summit of the climb!

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