Do you believe in angels? Oh, I very much do

Have felt their warm presence and motherly care too!

God can’t be everywhere, so HE created angels for me and you

To help us, spread love and to support us in what we do!


Few angels in my life, have been there always for me

They’ve guided me always, to the best that it could be!

Had it not been for them, don’t know what would’ve I done

Just perceiving hardship, I think I would’ve run!

But due to their help & guidance in my life

I faced hardship & every possible strife,

Many challenging situations were made easy

They were always there, and never too busy!

I feel grateful to HIM for sending them my way

Even in thick clouds, they brought a bright ray

I love my angels and always want them in my vicinity

They are special signs of HIM, & symbols of HIS divinity!

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