Heart ache…

Heart ache

I got to know long back how it feels, when my heart breaks

But didn’t know that it can break again n again, in the very same way

The same emotions, the same helplessness, the same gloom, the same heart ache

Tears non stop even when, already they’ve been shed all day

There is no sound of this heart breaking, no one really bothers how I feel

Whether I do self-pity, or stand up strong in a day or years or never will

Images from the time when I felt all broken, keep playing in my mind

I want to redo them all together, stop, erase and rewind

With my face stained with tear marks, with my mind all reeling

I turn towards the only one who can soothe my soul from peeling

Even though I feel angry at HIM, for giving me this heart wrenching pain

I know deep down in my heart, there’s reason for this agonising rain

HE just looks upon with HIS heart charming smile, as if to say -“I am there”

“Don’t worry my darling, I’ll take care of you”, but the relief seems no where

I get to a point where I question my self, what is it so wrong that I have done

What is it that I am being punished for, is there no way that it can be undone?!

But this vicious circle will only go on, in sometime I might feel little better

Only to fall in similar situation again, and get my heart shattered again for ever

Wish this could all end soon, as this takes a toll too heavy

Life seems too much to handle with this unexplained tax on it levied…

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