It pains to feel unimportant

It hurts to have no value

To be a substitute only

To be there only to support you

I wanted to be the need

I wanted to be your desire

I wished to be longed for

With love as strong as a fire

Heart feels choked

and breathing seems heavy

Living seems a burden

With this tax of pain on it levied

Responsibilities around

Don’t let me retreat

So much to do surround me

 and I marvel at my feat

To live with this endless agony in heart

To survive this rejection once more

To cry even when eyes seem to be dry

To hide emotions coming to fore

I just want to start anew

I don’t want to trouble you any longer

I want to set you free from me

Make you choose your love a bit stronger

May God keep you away from crappy

It is my heart’s only wish currently

I want to see you extremely happy

And live the life you deserve lovingly

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