My heart aches for the love which is deep engraved within,

It is not just the tears you see but much more which my soul sheds

This pain is engulfing me and I don’t know how to express

Is it insecurity or jealousy or just love for you which makes me fret!

There seems no solution to my misery this sadly I’ve realised

As I can’t happen to trust your love now with all the time that you’ve broken mine

Do I love you enough, or am I just being selfish?

Am I being made a fool, or am I just being childish!

I want to let you free and want you to come back on your own

But on letting you free, feel a stab of pain which craves to be shown

My heart cries for the good times, will there be none for us?

As since we are together, there has been only fuss

Tedious times galore have broken me into pieces

I don’t feel like gathering up and straightening the creases

Want to run away now and hide somewhere where you won’t find me

Don’t want to give you another chance to break more within me

But shackles of life hold me where I am

Like I am being punished and it has still not come to an end

The shadows of past haunt my heart

Like the inevitable will happen soon

It might be just fear, but isn’t the source of this fear

from you a boon?

When togetherness is marred and cursed in such a way

Then better to say good bye and run away

I want to go now so please set me free

For your happiness is to be found without me

I will remember you and I don’t think I’ll ever be happy

But its better one, than more in this situation crappy!

I know you won’t miss me, for you will find love and happiness

From up in the sky, a star will still offer you loving caress!

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