Who are you dear MOOD? Are you a mister or a miss?

Why do you change so often? Why can’t you let me be in bliss?

One minute all seems good and the very other all bleak

Why do you bother me so much and make me go all weak?

When you pull me down, you do that pretty bad!

All seems dull, low and I become all sad!

When you are gloomy yourself you seem to cast that spell on me

Oh Mr. Miss. Whoever you are, why can’t you just let me be!

With your negativity you make me such a pessimist,

Only dullness seems good though I want to shirk you away with a tight fist!

It takes a herculean effort to come out of your entwines

To appreciate the gifts of life how much ever I whine


But when you are at your best, you seem to bestow the gift of positivity

Every hurdle seems a steppingstone with hope I see every reality

You make me see life through the rose tinted glasses

All seems bright and shiny, even mountains seem to have passes

Cracks filter light and every turn comes with an opportunity

There is no sadness but only smiles through lots of creativity

World looks extra helpful and so much energy you provide

With all this good happening life is nothing but a joyride


But suddenly then the bad side of you comes back

And hit with me a vengeance, all my smiles take a back track

Do you have a problem with me Mr. Mood? Let me address you as Mr. hereby

You have a split personality with the sweet good and the bad who is sly

Let me be surrounded by your good self oh please don’t make me cry

When you have so much goodness which you can spread all around

Then why this gloominess you bring along and why in shackles you bound?

I think you are yourself confused as to when do you get more attention

When you spread smiles or bring along bags of tension?

Let me tell you Mr. Mood, you’re loved when you’re happy yourself

It is then that you’re welcome not when you let me in stress delve

So hope Mr. Mood I will always see your happy ways

You won’t trouble me with your dual roles and let sunshine rule all my days!               

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