Loveless life

I have given up on love, I have run after it all my life,

I was not made for love, so why this painful strife!

Love has always deceived me, it never stayed by my side,

No one truly loved me, Oh! how much ever I tried!


I waited eagerly & patiently, for someone to come

To sweep me off my feet, and give me kisses some.

To fill my heart with a love song, which would never die,

To stay with me forever, until my last I lie!


But sad that people came and went, no one who hugged me tight,

Who looked into my eyes & said, “Baby, I will set things right”!

I kept waiting for someone special, to come and give melody,

To my pure soul & true heart, but alas – nobody!

Now I am exhausted & saddened, by this painful fact,

That I don’t deserve love, yes, this was in my destiny packed.

I have “finally” given up on love, tired of running after it all my life,

Will live with what I have, as there is no desire left to strive! 

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