Move on…

Move on


Some people leave & there’s a thunder

There’s a blank which stays & makes you wonder

How will you ever live without them?

Will it ever be the same again?

Life moves on & you’ve got to adjust

Tears seem to dry & letting past be, becomes a must

But you never forget and miss them so much 

The pain in your heart is excruciating such…

And then comes a day when you feel life is meaningless

Without them, who were there & will remain truly priceless

Why did they ever have to go away?

Why couldn’t they have been a part of your life to stay?

Amazing are God’s ways

HE makes you meet people and then takes them away

If HE never wanted to keep you together

Then why did HE make you meet them ever?

It is an outcry of heart and a resonating query

That also leads to a frustrating fury

But then, life has to move on,

You have to breathe and learn to live on…!

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