Life changing days…

Life changing

Some days are life changing, this, I had only heard

Never thought I’ll go through it myself, and a become a real nerd…

Life is so unpredictable, so why do we rely on it

People are ever-changing, you can’t trust anybody even a bit!

Situations become anti-you, and you just have to adjust

How much ever you cry and seek, answers are not a must…


You feel you were living a myth, that has suddenly been broken

Your happiness was spell-bound, into reality you’ve been shaken!


Why & how, where & when, are thoughts which keep coming to you

You want to erase the past, but THAT, how to do…

You feel cheated by HIM, your heart feels sore

You feel you’re being punished, and want to now what for?


Life becomes a burden, each breath becomes a task

You want to lie low, and hide behind a mask…


Why did those days come, why did it happen to you

So many complications, and solution – none which you can see!


Life changing days they were, wish they had never come

Even if you were living a myth, happiness there was some…


Now it feels you’ve lost a battle, what’s there to live for now

Frantically you look around, trying to find a reason somehow!



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