Life brings surprises, such that you’re thrown off-shore,

Nothing about it you can do, just heal your heart which is sore;

Deep melancholy takes over, you don’t know how to escape,

There’s a cloud of grief over you, which is overbearing in shape;

The saddest part of you is that, you had no vice in mind,

You had always done only good for those, who gave grief of such kind;

With firm determination, you think of cutting all ties,

But still thinking of the other person, your heart in abundance cries;

You’re of no eminence, gets proven once again,

You feel cheated, beaten and left bereft in harsh rain;

Was the past only a myth, is what crosses your thought,

Why did they ever cheat you, when only the truth was which you ever sought;

Now you’ve left things as they are, and decided to part ways,

How much ever you love others, your self-esteem can’t be given away;

Praying for courage, you start your journey apart,

With wish for well-being for those, who were once your own part!

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