Faraway wishes…


Whether you are near me or very far away

I’ll make my voice reach you – crossing, what’s there in the way

I’ll make you hear my earnest wish and

I’ll make you see my dear, the mystery land

Where you’ll find me always with you

Happy and smiling and expressing, my true feelings for you! 

Though close we are not but it doesn’t stop me

From wishing for you immense happiness to be

For wish fulfillment and smiles galore

For success to touch you more and more

Wishes for abundant peace

For strength to get what you want to keep! 

Sad at this situation amiss

Where we want to talk but there’s a mist amidst

Exhausted I am with settling things

The messy feeling badly clings

So I choose to stay away and though you won’t approve

You’ll feel I’ve forgotten, but now I don’t want to prove… 

Someday I am sure we’ll get to meet

Where I’ll share, you’ll share and we’ll greet

We’ll talk without hesitation

We’ll share irritations

We’ll settle scores and smile at the end

And part ways again to meet forever at the bend…! 

Always stay happy and remember my friend

When we said goodbye, it wasn’t THE END…! 

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