Life is hurried and time is less

To offer you a sweet caress

Things are there to handle and control

Your sweet gimmicks I have to hold

I want to go slow and enjoy with you

Every moment and things to do

I want to play all those games with you

Which you very lovingly ask me to

Time is running fast and this I know

That soon my lap you will outgrow

Away you will fly and get busy in life

Your voice, your presence then, I will strive

Wish I could pause and let life still

In each second, many hours I will fill

Will relax and listen to your sweet talks endless

Will imagine and create things even if baseless 

Not that I don’t want to do now my dear

But “things to do”, in mind do bear

As I run you through every day

Where is the time to let you say

Many times after you go

I wonder what trick you wanted to show

I think that I’ll ask you when you come

To rewind and tell me all or some

Then again when you’re there with me

There is so much to do to just let you be

Life is tough my kiddo and I wish it went slow

To let me enjoy each mili-second with you before you grow! 

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