My lonely heart, my saddened soul, still long for you my dear

That you will hold me very close, and will always be there near

My eyes still long for your loving face, my ears still long to hear

Your soothing voice expressing true love which can free me from all the fear

Deep within this insatiable thirst, to know that you still love

Why is it that even after trying hard, your thoughts away I can’t shove

Why do you still linger in mind, why do you not leave me

When you can’t be close enough, then why don’t you free me

I still look around when I am out there, have a feeling that you are somewhere close

Just an inkling of you being around, and my silly heart nearly froze!

When I know that you won’t be there, then why do I still search for you

What is it that I still want to hear, frankly I myself have no clue

Whatever I do, wherever I go, I want to share with you all

I yearn for your soothing caress, when misery any befalls

Deep within engraved in heart is your love which will never die

Why did you come, why did you leave, that will always remain a big why!

As tears fall and I miss you, there is nothing more that I ask

Than to know the true feelings, hidden under your mask

But maybe they are better hidden for if they get revealed

Don’t know how will I ever control myself under this weak shield!

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