Dreams & Faith…


Close to our hearts are few dreams which we hardly with anyone share

We live them day and night even if no one about them cares

With each breath and each heartbeat such dreams become a part of us

With passion and vigour we want to achieve them thus

What happens then when you get a clue that such dreams won’t realise

Don’t you feel your heart sink and give a damn to any advice?

You cry out in the hope that the tears will wash the pain

But the efforts to feel better all just go in vain

Wondrous it is but at such moments you find yourself all alone

In a whirlwind of emotional roller-coaster as if you’ve been callously thrown

The heart-wrenching pain that you feel is no good for people around

You feel weak and see the dark in even the sunshine that surrounds

In such moments of agony giving up is an easy thought

The precious dream that you once lived and for which you viciously fought

But such are the times when you need to dig within

Look for that spark inside you which alone can make you win

Look for that inspiring person or thought or even your faith in Lord  

Anyone who can shake you up and re-guide towards the award 

And do you know the magic pill to get you back on track? 

It is there within you, the very person from the mirror staring you back! 

Tap on the resilience that you own, be aware of your inner strength

You wouldn’t have even imagined that you could cover all those lengths

Show the courage that you possess strive for that dream again

Success comes to those who don’t give up from trying again!

Stand up for yourself even if it means standing all alone

Look at history and you’ll know that the winners always stood alone

The darkest hour of the night is always before the day breaks

So gather yourself and go for it after learning from mistakes

What glorious moment it will be when you’ll achieve what you’re made for

That long held dream when you’ll fulfill, will warm your heart’s core

Do not give up, do not fall weak, do not change your dreams

For God tests you before blessing you even to extremes! 

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