Technology or Menance….?!




A healthy mean of communication
Has been made into a mode of entertainment
Many have made it their passion
Please, do not make it your obsession!

What’s the fun in communication
When replying becomes an obligation
Day commences with it and ends with it
Where is the time to introspect and comfortably sit?

Right from the good morning messages
To jokes, and some that give fits of rages
So much of free wisdom keeps floating
If followed even an iota, all will become doting!

Use a tool for the purpose meant
Futile are all those hours spent
What is the gain, what is the earning
When your constant pings leaves someone fuming!

Use it to stay in touch with those far away
With whom to meet you might have to cross a long way
Use it to reconnect and to stay in touch
With long-lost friends whom you love so much

But don’t make it a point to just be glued
As then the real fun of it becomes a feud
Time is precious as nothing can be
Don’t let it flow away just like free

It makes me wonder why so much artificiality
There are many other ways to exhibit emotionality
Many out there who need these emotions of care
Which everyone is just forwarding bare!

Reach out in real, chuck that machine
Blessed you will feel as you haven’t ever been
Use it till you know it’s not controlling you
Revive your relation with those you earlier knew!



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