Enough is enough!!!



I want to shout, I want to tell
I have to smile, instead I want to yell

Why do you look, why do you peer
Why do always towards me stare

You approach me even when I clearly say NO
You make me uncomfortable – do you know?

Your hello(s) and offers of help
Make me want to run away and yelp

For I know all is not well in your mind
You desire filthy and what you have in sight

I feel suffocated and choked by you
Want to hide and close all doors on you

But in this world if I have to be
I need to act brave when crazy such as you I see

Your dirty advances will leave scars plenty on me
But showing courage is what’ll set me free

I will not fear, I will not cry
I will uncover you out and dry

Let them see what you truly are
Then it’ll be you who’ll want to run away far

You’ll have to bear the consequences mister
For all those moments that you gave me bitter

I’ll wait for that time with my trust in God
When all will discover your lies and fraud

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