I am the Queen…


I have the power, I have the reign

This position I hold is one of gain

Where I look, is respect to say

Riches and jewels night and day

Aaaaah I am the queen!

They do what I say without a doubt

To get things, I don’t even shout

Luxury, and power abound

What I seek, I have always found

Aaaaah I am the queen!

I should be happy and I should gleam

I should thrive – to all it seems

Then why is it not so, why this gloom

Do you have any answer why this misery loom? 

Alas I am the queen!

Duty all around, no time to be ME

Always “to dos”, no time to set my heart free! 

Be so and do so they keep telling me always

No one told me pretensions would’ve to be my ways! 

Alas I am the queen! 

I’m told they look up to me so I have to be a role model

Keep a smile they tell, tears in public would be awful

Hide those giggles keep a face straight

Roll up those frets, a happy image you create

Alas I am the queen!

In your shadow I have to live, behind you I got to stay

Just do as you want and be where you say

Stay by your side, support in things you like

Will I get to do what I want – highly unlike

Alas I am the queen! 

When do I pamper my heart’s desires

When do I live the way my soul requires

If I break free, rebel I’ll be called 

Sadly then, I’ll need to live this life I appal

Alas I am the queen! 

Keeping an image which probably isn’t true

Calculated words I need to brew

Do things which they will approve

My loyalty I constantly got to prove

Alas I am the queen!

Gradually I am losing that spark within

Learnt to keep that fake smile and upheld chin

Clouded is the image of what I wish I could be 

That carefree “me” I can barely now see

Alas I am the queen! 

I am the queen, though broken within

Duty is now my only twin

I will live though have lost the battle with self

A girl who tried, but eventually lost to herself  

Alas I am the queen

Alas I am the queen

Alas I am the queen…! 

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