What could’ve been…


Your thoughts never leave me, though together we’re not, nor meant to be

Your memories cloud me and make me wonder why to be

This loneliness makes me question what was it supposed to be

And if it wasn’t supposed to be, then why did it ever bother me?


If you were not supposed to stay then why did you cross my way

If you didn’t mean truly, then why did you choose those words to say

Which stay engraved and never tend to leave my side

Now make me wonder, if you only just took me for a ride!


I try to curb this sadness within, try to see all good things around

Then where do these tears come from, even when I smile abound

Why my heart aches to know, if you too think of me alike

Do you also miss those times, when you didn’t have to hide your likes?


Though now faded, but memories never desert me

Of those times, when together were you and me

You’re always around even if not to be seen

Yes, mind never stops thinking of what could’ve been…!

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