You confuse me…



Strange are you, confusing are your ways

You are around always, and sometimes nowhere for days!

Never have I told you, what you really mean to me, 

And if ever I’ve tried, knowingly you’ve pretended to not see! 

Why this confusion, why you’re in my life so

Why suddenly you appear whenever I am low?

How do you get to know that I am not what I show?

How do you understand my words without me saying so?

Still when I share, you pretend it doesn’t affect you

Is it really so?? No, it can’t be true!

For I’ve heard it in your words, I’ve seen it in your ways

Still sometimes you behave rash and my heart shattered lays  

You’re no one if I see, still you mean so much

If I count my close ones, you’re on top of people such

Then why do you pretend its nothing, and as if you don’t care? 

When through your silence too, you lay emotions bare!

You leave me confused – what you really think of me

One minute you’re distanced, the other you see through me

Why you can’t be simple, why you can’t stay sure?

Why you go away, and then again come back to lure?

Why I think of you, why the dreams are so vivid?

Why I start to wish even with my heart so timid..

Not asking for anything more, as nothing can be changed

But just knowing your true self, will repair the heart estranged!  

Yes, I was a fool, to not realise it back then, 

But even now you hold true meaning, in my life my friend

I desire nothing, which will change things for you

Just wish to see your feelings – bare and true!

So stay transparent with me, I can’t understand the tactics

Simple heart I am, have never ever acted!

Sometimes, I wonder if you’re punishing me?

But then the next moment I realise, how silly of me!

To not have you at all, will be better than having you distanced 

Stop pretending please, it is my friendly persistence!

I love the comfort you provide, even through your erratic presence 

That we’re far, but still related is an assurance! 



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