Separated soulmates



Why did you come, why did you speak?

Why do you always make me feel so weak?

Why did you meet me why did you leave?

Why do you live in me yet I feel bereaved?

The way you make me feel no one does

Then is it right that I hide from you all my fuss

I don’t tell you that my smile is fake

All my bliss of this so called life is fake

The moment I was made to part from you

I died within and wonder how no one knew 

The tears I cried, the sighs I took

How when I walked, from within I shook

Why did I hide, why didn’t I say

What you meant to me in every way

Why did I please those who said

My heart will recover from its shreds

All these years when you were not here

Not a day passed when your voice I didn’t hear

Not a moment passed without your thought

Everyday from my heart, my mind fought

The distances grew and I wondered if we’ll ever meet

I was sure in this life we’ll never greet 

But the hope within always remained 

Somehow somewhere…. I always prayed

And then suddenly there you were

My heart was bouncing with the joy so clear

We laughed and spoke at great length

But still I hid from you the way I felt

Because what you made me feel scared me too

I longed for you after so many years too!

Do what I have now hold no meaning at all

Am I ready to give it up all?

Just this thought made me freak out

That I have to myself now cut you out 

I was blunt and I was rude

Eventhough within, my heart was in feud

This time when I said goodbye

I knew I’ll not ask me why

It is my call and it is my word

To live what is now my world

Eventhough I cry but still I know

Somewhere someone will wait to show

Why you came and what you mean to me

Why my soul rejoices when you near be


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  1. I accidentally visited your blog and didn’t get disappointed by your writings, you’re a wonderful writer & write with all your heart.

    Liked by 1 person

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