Do you miss me, like I miss you…?



Do you also miss me, and dream of what could’ve been?

Do you also remember, the last time we had each other seen?

Sometimes I feel I am right there, sitting next to you

In a jiffy you’ll reach out, and hold my hand close to you

Can you also still smell, my perfume as I do yours?

Can you also verbatim, recall those close talks of ours?

I get reminded of that comfort, which I only felt with you

Whether it was sharing things big, or nonsensical ideas too

Do you also sometimes, feel lonely in a crowd?

Do you get excited too, when there’s a  possibility of me being around?

Yes, I felt alive when you were in my life

To talk to you, to meet you, my heart was in constant strife 

Can you also not hold back, to share with me even if in thoughts?

Can you also not sing without crying, those dedicated songs?

Will you ever tell me that yes, it was a mistake

To not say what we had in mind, and to so easily forsake

Do you promise to be mine, the next time you will be asked?

Do you promise to meet me soon, up there after we breathe our last?

Till then my dear though apart, I’ll reach you like sunshine

Till then I believe like Casper, around me you’ll be – always mine!


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