I never knew I’ll have to live without you

I didn’t know I had to learn this in life

I didn’t know I’ll have to tackle this –

Situation of not being your wife

There was struggle endlessly

There was strive throughout 

There was tension and misery 

So maybe we are better without

We saw happy times, sadly which were few

And then came a time, when you found else in lieu

Which couple doesn’t fight, who don’t go through rain?

Does that give you the right, to put my respect to shame?

Couldn’t stand the betrayal, no i couldn’t have let it been,

You gave so much misery, happy times were less seen

Yes, I do miss the company, yes, I do miss us,

But happy I am to see, that you’re not there to fuss.

You’re not there now when I need a helping hand

To handle home, or kids, to handle the day’s demands

Yes, I work double roles, of mum and a dad too

Yes, I struggle through the day, and sometimes shed a tears few

But I am stronger than ever and though at times I frown

But I’ll play this game, and won’t let it bring me down

I’ll raise our kids fabulously, I’ll give them the best to be

I’ll show them a strong woman, in tough times doesn’t flee

You chose to run away, to turn away from tasks

But let me tell you Mister, up there you’ll be asked

In life we all learn lessons, and yes, I’ve learnt mine

No one is there forever, we ourselves have to shine

I’ll live life to the fullest, I’ll be open to probabilities, 

No I won’t let your thoughts hinder, my future possibilities

You were mistaken if you thought, I’ll come begging and crying

You judged me wrong, for I won’t even when I’m dying! 

I know you came to teach lessons, and to give me some pain

Wish there was another way to learn, that’s the only complain

But I am strong, and I think I’ll always remain

If in this tough time too, I am keeping myself sane

Here I bid adieu, forever to you

Hope not to see you again, in life’s run

I did make a mistake by coming to you

But thankful I am, that now it’s undone!

So stay happy where you are, 

No, you’re not welcome back now

No apologies will be entertained

Even if very low you bow!

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