Love is Joy…



Tell me if I ask you to, will you hold me really tight?

Tell me if I ask you to, will you never with me fight?

Tell me even if I ask you to, you’ll never let go of my hand?

Tell me even if I ask you to, you’ll never leave me in any land?

Say it that you’ll love me always, only more if it’s possible,

Say it our love will know no bounds, no arguments will be plausible…

Say it that you’ll not stop caring, even when you’re angry,

Say it that you’ll always remain, for my love – hungry…

Promise me we’ll always love US, no matter what the circumstance,

Promise me we won’t ever get tired, of each other’s pranks…

Promise me we’ll not give up, even if life throws surprises,

Promise me we’ll try our best, to live with each other’s vices…

Yes, I know you admit to all above, for I see it in your eyes,

Yes, I know you’ll always hold true and will never leave my side…

There is true love in your heart, you show it through your actions,

Even if I would like to hear, I don’t doubt your love by any fraction! 

Blessed be US, blessed be love, may blessed be true feelings,

Blessed be those loving souls, may all hurt hearts see healing…

As I am rejoicing in your love today, may all experience such magic

As I join hands in prayers today, I just seek no end to be tragic! 

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