Prayer for Peace…


The only time My Lord, that I question your existence
Is when I come across such filthy incidents in abundance
Of hatred, vice and mass killing
Don’t tell me My Lord that for them you’re willing!
But if you’re not willing then how do they take place?
And that too increasing at such an alarming pace!
Yester’ Manchester, today London Bridge,
Later Westminster and outside mosque made me cringe..
Above are just to name a few
From many which have occured in recent times too..
So much bloodshed, precious lives’ loss
Emotions for all just go for a toss!
Its nearly impossible to comprehend,
What they gain by putting lives to end..
Do they achieve their purpose as they say they will,
Do they merge in YOU, or are put to grill?
For causing so much destruction, for causing endless pain
For families behind who are left to cry in vain..
Unimaginable sorrow it is to lose a loved one,
More so in such traumatic way when they were just having some fun..
And those who escape death are left with life long trauma
Oh My Lord, is it fair to put them through such drama?
What is the innocents’ fault to live in this constant fear?
Some even become phobic, to let go those who are dear!
Yes, life is transient and one day will end for all,
But none should have the right to spread this terrifying brawl!
This world is beautiful and needs abundant peace
To enjoy the beauty that YOU’ve created in every bit and piece!
When will these hate mongers realise the fact,
That life is precious and shouldn’t be spoiled with this tact,
Soul is above religion, any caste or creed,
We all are one and from these worldly shackles we should be freed..
Killing in the name of religion, is like insulting one’s Divine,
Oh when will they understand that HE too whines,
When HE sees HIS children fighting for HIS “so called” cause,
HE too must be wondering, “Can I put this world to pause”!
Yes, that will be nice My Father, please put this world to pause
Please remove this hatred and give them a worthy cause..
Give us YOUR blessings, a peaceful world to stay,
Where love and respect for each other in our hearts lay..!

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