Adieu Past!


I want to know what will it take

For this misery to finally shake

Want to focus on what I can

Than to see how much I’ve ran

Want to enjoy what’s there in hand

Not to cry where else I could’ve stand

Want to feel the love which is there –

and to get rid of this feeling of despair

Want to let go of what really hurts

Just something which can help divert

This trail of thoughts which hurts so much

Done waiting for that magic touch

Want to see what lies with me

Done with thinking what could’ve been 

No point at all in sulking more

Want to close all those past doors

Happiness to be in my own hands

Acting on no one else’s commands

Want to live right here, right now

No misery now I want to allow

Respecting what was given to me

Will try to abide by Thy decree

Just bless my efforts to stay on track 

Not to turn over and go right back

To where again I’ll feel so weak

Chances of recovery will be so bleak

Looking ahead I will smile at last

Saying adieu to my sad past! 

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