Want to soar high…!


Ripped heart, tear-stained face

I am tired, want to slow down my pace

Exhausted soul, achy limbs

Want to rest, had many turbulent swims

Been swarmed with pains, now no more

Peacefully I want to reach the shore

Achieved enough, and yet this void

Those feelings of which I feel devoid

Still entice me from time to time

But will be wrong if I start to mime

Same actions which I did in past

Results of which, did not last

So better to accept what isn’t there

Why to strive to get that share 

Which wasn’t probably meant for me

Should help myself, by letting me free

From the clutches of those painful wants

Let me write my story in different fonts

Accepting the artist of my fate as me

I’ll paint a lively picture to see

I’ll soar above the pain of past

Rising above those shadows cast

Welcoming whatever lies ahead

On this path now I’ll tread 

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