Just Be There…!

Even if you’re not able to help
When you hear, someone yelp
Even if you feel short of words
To mend a heart that badly hurts
Though you can’t offer a helping hand
To make a stumbled person stand
Though you know no ways or means
To lessen those cries or screams
Even when you know nothing would cure
No effort you do will help assure
Even when you try to rephrase
No words you say offer any solace
Don’t give up and walk away
Hang on, just for another day
JUST BE THERE – hold hands quietly 
Just this – may go a long way you see
JUST BE THERE – give your shoulder to lean
Hang around, be there to be seen
JUST BE THERE – care in your own special way 
You may be an end to someone’s dismay
JUST BE THERE – share a smile or a hug
Don’t be the one, to pass off with a shrug
JUST BE THERE – be thoughtful and kind
You might save someone’s faith in mankind
JUST BE THERE – be a helping hand in strife
Your thoughtfulness might save a life…! 

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