I’ll get to, Amen!

I cried for you, I called for you 
To hold your hand, I tried too
Seems like just yesterday
When you made me smile in your special way
While we waited for us to meet
About our love, we were discreet
Who played this game which made us lose?
Did they ask you – I wasn’t asked for views!
Sadly – that brought an end 
A painful twist, a tragic bend
Even now after its bygone
From each other, we have withdrawn
Your thoughts come by knocking you see
They torment me, want to make me flee
Nothing of which there’s guarantee
Still, I miss you so very extremely
One day I know we will surely face
No, I don’t wait for any embrace
Just words – which you should’ve said back then
Hoping to hear those – I’ll get to, Amen! 

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