Goodness – a tough test!


I might’ve made mistakes

Put hefty stuff at stake

But not emotions or feelings

No one’s heart at bleeding 

I might’ve gone astray

Could’ve led to dismay

But never intentionally 

Not on false alibi

I might’ve been wrong

Vices with me belong 

But never betrayed a friend

Only love I’ve sent

I might’ve hurt someone

Could’ve taken a wrong turn 

But never with venom at heart

No, I don’t know that art

Tried to do my best

And will – till I finally rest

But goodness is a tough test

These days, ‘tis a matter of jest

Even when ridiculed

Due to it I’ve been fooled

Will want to spread a word

In favour of it to the world

Do good and be good forever

Only goodness pays at last

Cause harm, knowingly never

Even to those who have harassed

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