Dreams of you…!

I do not like these mornings,

When I wake up dreaming about you

It leaves me with an emptiness,

And I don’t know what to do…

Instantaneously I want to reach out

And ask if you’re doing fine

Sanity then comes knocking,

It isn’t in my line… 

The warmth of the visions,

Lingers on and on

The taste of us together

Leaves me totally withdrawn

The vividness of the scenes, 

Never then, loses my psyche

Hither thither I move,

Trying to settle the spike…

Baffled I am – for why you come to me

Angry I feel – on my stupidity

These are just dreams

No relevance they should have

Then why do I still feel the tingling

Of where you held my hand…!

Nothing which I can do, than to do what I do,

Suppress the storm in me, and handle what’s in view… 

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